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Dates and Athletes…it’s all coming together!
September 4, 2009, 12:59 am
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Sitting down and looking at the calender has been a difficult task, but locking in a departure date from Seattle, WA for this trip will be on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. An arrival date is hard to exactly pinpoint, but we are hoping to be there by October 30th just for Halloween, and a great celebration at MoonDoggies (I hope) in San Diego!

Friends, athletes, media personalities, and others have shown their interest and dedication for this ride.  At this point here is the roster of individuals attending: Julian Carr (Professional Freeskier), Cody Barnhill (Professional Freeskier), Jesse Hall(Professional Freeskier, BASE Jumper), Pep Fujas (Professional Freeskier), Jackie Paaso (Professional Freeskier), Peter Olenick(Professional Freeskier), Michael Olenick (Professional Freeskier), Sherry McConkey (Shane’s wife), JT Holmes (Professional Freeskier and BASE Jumper) Chris “Uncle E” Ernst(Media Personality), Suz Graham (Professional Freeskier, BASE Jumper), Nate Abbott (Photographer), Tom Dolezel (Professional Freeskier and man of many talents), Max Kuszaj (Professional Freeskier and BASE Jumper) and more to follow!  Stay tuned…