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The Route
September 8, 2009, 9:38 pm
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The Route has been roughly planned, but it’s subject to change. ¬†After much research this is the route we plan to pedal. Wish us luck. ¬†Hope to see you on the road! Just a reminder, it is open to anyone. Donations are encouraged but not required. (Rest days are not included in this schedule)

Day 1: Seattle, WA to Bremerton, WA to Shelton, WA: 37 miles

Day 2: Shelton to South Bend, WA: 75.2 miles

Day 3: South Bend, WA to Seaside, OR: 67.6 miles

Day 4: Seaside, OR to Sandlake, OR: 64.9 miles

Day 5: Sandlake, OR to Newport, OR: 53.6 miles

Day 6: Newport, OR to Florence, OR: 49.7 miles

Day 7: Florence, OR to North Bend, OR: 47.1 miles

Day 8: North Bend, OR to Port Orford, OR: 54 miles

Day 9: Port Orford, OR to Brookings, OR: 56.1 miles

Day 10: Brookings, OR to Orick, CA: 68.1 miles

Day 11: Orick, CA to Ferndale, CA: 61.4 miles

Day 12: Ferndale, CA to Garberville, CA: 56.3 miles

Day 13: Garberville, CA to Mendocino, CA: 76.3 miles

Day 14: Mendocino, CA to Stewarts Point, CA: 60.5 miles

Day 15: Stewarts Point, CA to San Francisco, CA: 108 miles

Day 16: San Francisco, CA to Santa Cruz, CA: 79.5 miles

Day 17: Santa Cruz, CA to Carmel by the Sea, CA: 46.3 miles

Day 18: Carmel by the Sea, CA to Lucia, CA: 49.8 miles

Day 19: Lucia, CA to Los Osos, CA: 73.6 miles

Day 20: Los Osos, CA to Lompoc, CA: 65.1 miles

Day 21: Lompoc, CA to Santa Barbara, CA: 54.5 miles

Day 22: Santa Barbara, CA to Santa Monica, CA: 93.4 miles

Day 23: Santa Monica, CA to Newport Beach, CA: 47.9 miles

Day 24: Newport Beach, CA to Oceanside, CA: 48.4 miles

Day 25: Oceanside, Ca to San Diego, CA (Pacific Beach): 30.4 miles

Grand total miles on the road: Approximately 1528