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Day 22: Goleta/Santa Barbara to Malibu
October 26, 2009, 1:44 am
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Today was one of those days…one of those days where no matter what you do, or try, things just don’t go the way you planned them or wanted them to.

We knew that the miles were going to be high today on our venture to Malibu from the Santa Barbara area, but the major bumps in the road were not at all expected…

As usual, the crew set out at separate times with a 40-mile halfway meeting point established.  Tal started off the day rough, with 2 flats before we even left the campground.  The day would only get better from here.

My group of Dave, Pep, Tom, and Tal powered through the bike paths and side routes of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast Highway.  Pep suffered some mechanical issues with one of his tires and needed the tire replaced, so he fell off our group and stopped at a shop for repairs.  Tal experienced his 3rd flat of the day, and then was rescued by the Canadian RV when the bead on his tire would not hold on to his front rim.

We all made it to the midway meeting point with the support truck along the Pacific Coast and regrouped and planned the rest of the long afternoon to Malibu.  Jesse and Suzanne pedaled on, followed by Steiner and Carston who made a push on solo, then Tom and myself, and finally the rest of the group including Pep, Shane, Jackie, Sherry, and Cody.

The directions were a little vague, but everyone managed to navigate through Ventura and Oxnard eventually and towards Malibu.  Here is where it all “hit the fan.”  Shane struck something in the road and went over the handlebars while pedaling and required multiple staples in his head.  So while the crew that was riding with him was occupied with his medical attention, Alex ran into problems and had a flat tire on the truck. Luckily, he managed to be in front of us down the PCH so we were able to assist him with the spare tire.

By the time the truck was ready to go, the sun was setting and 25 miles remained till Malibu.  Jesse, Suz, and myself pushed on along side the sunset (with our highlights and tail lights) and pedaled out the final miles to Malibu and our hotel in the pitch dark.  Right behind us arrived a sweaty Pep, who decided to keep pedaling even after the Shane accident, and also managed to get in 100 miles for the whole day.

Much needed sleep is in order for tonight and thoughts of 2 more days of pedaling to San Diego is on our minds and in our dreams.

Tomorrow is slated out to put us in Newport Beach.

Shammy Butter is a gift from god…


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Hi everyone, I was wondering what happened. Shane recover quickly. Once again I can not express my feelings of pride for all of you. Jackie can’t wait to see you. The end is here. Love, Mom Paaso

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