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Day 20: Cambria to Oceano, CA
October 23, 2009, 12:24 am
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How can I express the refreshment felt by all when a 4-year old little bundle of singing and dancing happiness joins a group of tired and stinky road cyclists who have just pedaled 1200 miles down the Pacific Coast?  You really can’t.  So enter Miss Ayla McConkey.

The Sand Princess

The Sand Princess

We are extremely lucky to have onboard Sherry and Ayla McConkey and a great friend of Shane’s, Tal Fletcher.  These guys drove 8 hours from Lake Tahoe to meet up with us to pedal for a a few days for the cause.  The presence of them along for the ride is unexplainable.

Also joining (or should we say, rejoining) the ride is Tom Dolezel and his group of Canadian film school students.  These guys (and girls) drove 3 days straight from Toronto in a RV to meet us and follow all the way down to San Diego.  Pretty amazing.

On to the ride…today was a very mellow 50-55 miles pedaled from Cambria to Oceano.  This ride was by far the easiest we have had all trip and was very much needed.  A light spin to welcome Sherry and Tal into the group and a light spin to help our legs recover.

Once in Oceano we set up camp, filled the Canadian “CruiseCanada” RV to the brim with people, and headed down to the beach for some sunset photos, a quick cold swim, a few adult beverages, and some dancing with Ayla in her “maybe” halloween princess dress.

The night concluded with a huge dinner at the local mexican restaurant and the arrival of Suz Graham, Carston Oliver, and friend to the roster of people on the ride.

Tomorrow is a big push to Santa Barabara (Approx. 90 miles).

Keep on reading, thanks for all the support, and be sure to check out all the photos below.


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Little Monkey McConkey is a great addition to the ride, she will turn you bearded hobos into gentlemen quickly & every girl should have a princess dress…cutie-pie….

looks like its only getting better but SO glad it’s almost over, san diego will be sweet.

Comment by Anya

Hi Everyone, Your almost there and then you can all rest your weary legs. What an awesome journey and one all of you will remember. Jackie, I heard that you are coming home for a while. Can’t wait to see you. I know someone who will give you a great massage. Love, Mom Paaso

Comment by paaso

Oh, the Sand Princess just adds some sunshine to the pack. My heart goes out to all and hopes this ride will bring attention to this cause.

Love, Mom Paaso

Comment by paaso

Hey Max and crew…

Little Miss Ayla brought a smile to your face (bearded as it is!) – yes!! so awesome that Sherry, Ayla and Tal joined you to infuse some new energy into the group. The Canadian crew and Suz etc. will put a whole new spin of things too … the end is sooo close but really it’s only another beginning, I bet. You are an amazing group of friends.

I was very touched by your blog – dancing on the beach – now what could be better??? and oh,yeah, the sunsets… pretty damn perfect in our world….. xxx “md”

Comment by deb kuszaj

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