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Day 19: Big Sur to Cambria, CA
October 21, 2009, 10:01 pm
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What can be said about today?  Sea Lion lined beaches, lap-sitting squirrels, pedaling above the clouds, amazing downhill sections, tail winds, tons of sun, vultures, the endless views of the Pacific…this ride had it all…and Jackie saw Tarantulas!

We the day started out at Big Sur, where we found ourselves climbing up a large 1200-foot climb for breakfast. Great way to start the day…I hope you can feel my sarcasm in that statement. Once past the climb, we rode above the cloud/fog layer lining the Pacific Ocean that was very similar to the day riding from Manchester to Bodega Bay. Unbelievable.

The midway point of our ride, and point where we met our support vehicle and Alex, was at a scenic overlook with the most outgoing and daring little group of squirrels I have ever seen in my life. Look at the photos and see for yourselves.

After that was yet again two large climbs along the coast and then down to the shoreline for about 10 miles before we hit the land of the Sea Lions.  When I say land, I am not exaggerating.  These guys littered about one mile of beach and were quite entertaining with their mannerisms and sounds.  Again, see the photos.  They speak for themselves.

The day concluded in Cambria, CA about 75-80 miles from our departing town of Big Sur.  Tonight more people are meeting up and the pedaling crew will increase the more we head south.

Tomorrow is in the works, so stay tuned for updates, blogs, and photos from the road.  The end is in sight, about 350 miles in sight…


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Hey, Max, how about a smile for the camera ??? you’re looking like too much of a “man-on-a-mission”!!!

Enjoy the sights with new add-on crew — be safe.

Remember… Moondoggies is calling…soon – xx “md”

Comment by deb kuszaj

Hi Everyone, So glad that you are on the home stretch. Again, the pictures speak for themself. My thoughts are with all of you daily. Love, Mom Paaso

Comment by paaso

Hey, you Guuuuuuyyyyysssss. Greetings from Goonieville. Glad to see you all so far down the road and the sun shining on you still? Haven’t been able to check in for awhile but letting you know my thoughts are with you all and wishing you the best for the last of the journey. Tail winds and rubber side down!

Comment by Bob

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