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Day 16: A Day Off in San Francisco
October 19, 2009, 12:39 am
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We have been on the road now for a little over 2 weeks, and the down days have been few and far between (only 1 day to be exact).  So we decided to take a day off in San Francisco to let our bodies recover, to sight see, and to relax.

We have been very fortunate to meet up with Adam Bunshoft (Jesse’s half brother) and his family here in San Fran.  They have been amazing to us and extremely kind.  From lodging, to dinners, they have been great and we cannot express our gratitude to them for it.

The day here in San Fran has been relaxing and a day to let our bodies recover from all the miles. Kyle Tanguay, a great friend from Connecticut and now lives in Berkley, met up with us for the day and joined the crew in their down day adventures…and also harmonized with me the lyrics from the Rancid song, “Another East Bay Night….” all day long. You have to listen to Rancid when you are in San Fran, it is the rules!

A short drive over to Berkley to meet up with some ClifBar people to replenish our nutritional supplies for riding and then it was over to the Bunshoft residence for some great Thai food.  Again, you guys are the best and it was great meeting you.  Thanks for everything.

Time for rest.  Tomorrow we are back “on” the saddle again to Santa Cruz to meet up with Cody Townsend!

Till then….


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Hi everyone, You are all amazing! I am so glad you get a day to rest and regroup. The pictures tell the story and hopefully you will put on a slide show at the end for all to see. Jackie and the rest of you safe journey to the end. Love, Mom Paaso

Comment by paaso

I agree with Jackie’s mom – a slideshow would be awesome! (and Mom Paaso, thanks for your continued support of your daughter, my son and the crew – it means a lot) See you all soon … xxx “md”/ Max’s mom

Comment by deb kuszaj

You guys are starting to look like a bunch of hobos!

Comment by suzgraham

Max- It has been awesome to follow your blog. Be careful when you head from San Fran to Half Moon Bay- there is a sketchy shoulderless uphill and downhill- It was the only time on the coast ride that I was at all scared. Be sure to stop at the strawberry shop on the left hand side of the road about 20 miles Santa Cruz- They offer bike tourer discounts and the food is unreal.

Comment by Adam Lawton

I agree with Mom Paaso, MD ❤ and especially Suz. The beards are a bit dramatic- no? :o) Keep on keeping on!

Comment by Anya

Must See!

Comment by squaw local

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