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Day 13: Leggett, CA to Manchester, CA
October 17, 2009, 12:41 am
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After a brutal day of pedaling in the rain, mother nature parted the skies and blessed us with some sun for the biggest day of our trip (so far).  The day started off from our cabin in Leggett, CA sounded by huge Redwoods and the damp forest air from the storm the day before.  A short, 6-mile mellow climb up the 101 would bring us to the Route 1 junction where we would turn and venture onto Route 1 and bid farewell to the 101.

Route 1 was going to show itself as being some of the hardest climbs we have experienced so far on the trip (maybe the whole trip). A 2000 foot vertical climb in the first 4 miles was a real great way to get the blood flowing, but beyond rewarding when we reached the summit and had a 6-8 mile downhill section through the forest.

A second climb of 1200 feet would come right after and then would descend down to the Pacific Coast once again.  The coast was extremely foggy and windy, south wind of course.  After all the climbing we endured in the beginning of the ride, we are graced with a decent headwind for 20-plus miles to Fort Bragg.  For the first time in the trip, I felt like I was going to “bonk.”  For those out there reading this blog who know what I am talking about, you have some sympathy for me.

The 20-mile push along to foggy coast to Fort Bragg was grueling, but we all made it to meet the truck for some lunch and replenishing of liquids and ClifBars, ProBars, Bloks, etc.  After a short lunch we decided to pedal on to Manchester.  Upon departure from Fort Bragg, we all thought our second half of the trip would be approximately 20 miles.  When I am wrong, I usually admit it, and this time, WE WERE WRONG.

The road was gorgeous, with lots of turns, short up and down hills, scenic views, etc.  Pep and I kept pushing on (so did the crew), and kept praying (and cursing) hoping the camp ground would be around the “next corner”, but when the odometer starts coming close to 90 miles, one wishes they could just fall over and sleep under the nearest bush.

From what we thought was going to be a 75-85 mile day, ended up being a 90 mile day with way more elevation gain and climbing than anticipated. We survived to pedal another day, and we will tomorrow from Manchester to Bodega Bay, CA.

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Hi, Yes I do understand what it is like to bonk. Happened to me once on a long ride. Nothing like waht all of you are doing. When all the life is drained out of your body and you can’t move. Glad you recovered. Mom Paaso

Comment by paaso

No bonking :o(

Comment by Anya

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