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Day 9: Crescent City to Trinidad, CA
October 12, 2009, 10:06 am
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Crescent City to Trinidad, CA

After spending a relaxing night in Crescent City at Pep’s brother’s house, we hit the road to Trinidad.  The morning was cold and foggy and right off from the start we had the largest, and steepest climb of the ride to this point (oh there will be another in a few days….excellent!).

The climb brought us up into the California Redwood Forest, which was surreal.  If you ever want to feel like a tiny speck on this planet, go stand next to a Redwood tree.  It will give you perspective as to how small we actually are.

We took a side, more scenic route, through the national forest where the roadways were lined with miles and miles of these enormous giants.  See the video and photos below.

We crossed paths with a Canadian biker from Whistler, Canada, who was also in route to San Diego. We got into a good pedal ton with him and worked the wonders of drafting through the wind for about 20 miles to Tinidad.

Upon arrival in Trinidad we realized how good our accommodations would be for the night; a nice cabin with room for everyone, and…..a HOTTUB!  Oh man, are we beyond stoked.

Tomorrow we are off 60 miles to Redcrest to wait out the insane tropical storm headed our direction.  Wish us some luck.  Looks like we are looking at some down time…

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Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a chance to rest a little before heading back on the road. We had snow here in Maine on Tuesday, but it’s all gone now. Stay safe. Mom Paaso

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