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Day 7: Winchester Bay to Port Orford, Oregon
October 10, 2009, 10:01 am
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If only you could smell us through the internet, you wouldn’t be reading this right now: Seven stinky road bikers after seven days and 430 miles of pedaling, the ingredients for a complete nasal knockdown.

The morning consisted of a great egg breakfast before we headed to the local coffee/espresso/pastry shop to fuel up on caffeine for the 75-mile ride we had ahead of us.  Steiner found himself training the locals and owners of the shop how to make the proper espresso shot while the rest of us inhaled a few bearclaw pastries.  My complements to the baker, they were amazing.

Onward to our push for North Bend, slight climbs, picturesque landscape, and bridges…Oregon has their share of bridges. Upon our arrival to North Bend, we hit up a local bike shop to repair one of Cody’s wheels and we were off to Badon.  Apparently there are amazing Dunes here, but all we saw was asphalt and cars…and in my case, Steiner’s dust.

A quick (supposed to be lunch) pit stop in Badon to meet the support truck and once again we pushed on, this time to our final destination of Port Orford.  This leg of the trip was 26 miles that drained the energy out of all of us.  Jesse and Steiner pedaled like madmen while I chased and prayed to see the campground that we were staying at for the evening.  Might I say this place is interesting, Steiner is sleeping in a landlocked boat/cabin/sign for the campground, while the rest of us set up our tents like we have the past week of this trip.

Dinner was the only thing on our minds, so asked the locals where to grab the best seafood in town.  The answer, Griff’ s Seafood on the dock, a whole in the wall seafood joint surrounded by fishing boats and an amazing view of the sun setting on the Pacific.  The oysters were the biggest I have ever eaten, even for Jesse Hall, who tried to stomach one and force it down.  Needless to say, he didn’t enjoy it, and won’t be eating one again anytime soon.

Off to bed for now, far beyond needed.  Crescent City, California is the destination for tomorrow, putting us a day and a half ahead of schedule, and rolling the bike odometers over to 500 miles.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories from this trip. Till then…

Max and Jesse

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you guys are rad. california already. props!

Comment by jt

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