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Day 5: Sand Lake to Newport
October 9, 2009, 11:55 am
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Well, here we are with our first day of non-sunny weather.  I am not going to go as far as saying that it is raining (that would curse us and be a long stretch) but it is damp, cold and foggy…typical northwest weather.

The day started off mellow with some country roads, which reminded us east coasters of the classic “Route 100” in Vermont.  Cows, farmland and the sweet smell of manure filled the air (I hope you can feel my sarcasm in that comment).  During a quick passing through Beaver, Oregon, where signs such as “Beaver Service” stretched the side of the country road, we muscled on.  We passed the extremely pregnant and disturbed cow (we found out she gave birth right after we rode by from our support driver), passed Tina the lama, went up a gnarly 2.5 mile climb (passing a fellow San Diego bound cyclist), then down into Lincoln City.  There we fuelled up on caffeine, got some internet work done, and then pushed our way along the beautiful coast to Newport, Oregon where we stayed for the night.  Once I say again, if you haven’t been to the Oregon coast before, please do. It is unreal, cold, but unreal.

Big day tomorrow, we meet up with the one and only Dave Steiner the road cycling extraordinaire and Oakley asset.  Hoping to make it at least 80 miles.  Stay tuned for the next updates tomorrow…

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Comment by deb kuszaj

(oops, sorry!) Good ride you guys… keep on truckin’and heading south!
lots of folks behind you all and you’re getting a lot of press — keep up the good work and enjoy
… xx “md”

Comment by deb kuszaj

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