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Day 4: Seaside, OR to Sand Lake, OR
October 7, 2009, 4:58 pm
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After a wonderful and pleasant nights stay at Seaside’s “Buds RV/Camp Park,”  our crew got underway for the 60-70 mile journey down to Sand Lake, Oregon.  Jackie “the workhorse” Paaso decided to hit the road before us so she could spin off the previous day’s soreness.  She expected the rest of the crew (Pep, Jesse, Cody and myself, Max) to catch up to her before Tillamook, aka the land of cheese, but it never happened.  Looks like Jackie is starting to get her cycling legs under herself.

This is the first day that we have actually hit the true Oregon shore.  Throughout all my world travels, I personally have never been here before.  This place is gorgeous. Take it from me, if you haven’t been here, please get off your butt and come experience this coast.  It is unreal. Please see the photos below.  All I keep imagining is a pirate ship popping out on the horizon with Chunk and Sloth at the helm.  If you hadn’t picked up on it yet, this is the land of the “Goonies.”  Filmed on the Oregon shore and in Astoria.  The “Goonies” quotes have yet to subside.

With a bunch of hill climbs with some amazing Pacific views, a quick Barnhill flat tire fix, we all headed into the land of cheese, Tillamook, Oregon.  Jesse Hall couldn’t contain himself and sprinted into oncoming traffic to visit the factory and rape them of all their “free samples.” With stomaches full, we headed to Campers Cove Campground (approx. 13 miles south of Tillamook) to set up camp, eat a delicious Chief Cody Barnhill vegan meal, and rest our heads with thoughts of our friends Riley, Billy and Shane and for the next days adventure to Newport, Oregon.

Standby by for the updates from Day 5.

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Love the part about Jackie beating you guys, you go girl! and Max, when you are done with this I think I smell a roadtrip to the Oregon coast so your girlfriend can enjoy those sites! SO glad you are in such good spirits and you guys are having fun, the days are flying by! xo!!!!!

Comment by Anya :o)

Nice talking to you yesterday Jackie. So, the boys never caught up with you. Getting stronger every day. Wish I could be there with you all. I remember when I biked every day training for tours. Have fun and take in all the sites. What a journey to remember. Love Moma Paaso

Comment by Diane Paaso

Hey y’all –
That ocean is calling us too … glad to see there’s a “Blue Sky” influence in the trip so far, Max !! … we so look forward to the daily blogs and the sharing of your adventures. Keep ’em coming … Stay well and stay safe… xxx “md” (momma deb)

Comment by deb kuszaj

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