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Hey you guyyyyys!!!
October 6, 2009, 12:04 am
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Day 3

The crew here, we are currently huddled around a smoldering campfire of wet sticks at Bud’s campground, recently removed from Goonieville (aka Astoria) where we had some epic lunch with Riley (Poor)’s Parents at a little cafe that served all the best food in the world (at least after 60 miles, there was nothing that could have been better…) Afterwards Max (henceforth: Gluteus) did a quick truffle shuffle and we were out.

The morning started us in Raymond Washington at the Timberland RV park. An almost strangely nice RV park right by the river, and we had by far the smoothest day in the saddle so far. The first 20, 30, 40 miles flew by like we were real road bikers. By the time 2 o’clock rolled around we were riding across the Astoria bridge, a 4.1 mile long bridge that starts just above river level, and right in the last mile climbs up a couple hundred feet, then sneaks down on a spiral ramp into the little Oregon fishing town of Astoria. Of course no good road trip is ever without a little good ol’ timey car trouble, so by the time we got it dealt with and had lunch with Riley’s folks it was a quarter after five. We asked around and figured if we got another 15 miles under the wheels we’d be in a good place to bed down for the night. After cranking them out with a full belly and renewed energy here we are; Seaside, Oregon about to hit the pillow. Tomorrow it will be on down the coast, past Tillamook, and it’s famous cheese, and on to some more ocean waves.

Thanks for checking in, and we’ll talk to you again soon!

“shot-blocks are the new fruit snacks” Jesse Hall

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GO MAXX GO we are following you all form Connecticut.Ejoy the ride to all!

Comment by rox

Hey guy’s,
It was great having you stay here. Good luck from all of us at Bud’s RV park and Campground.

Comment by Bill Roady

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