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October 4, 2009, 4:04 pm
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Angeli and the big rigAngeli VanLaanen here. I am reporting from the beautiful Washington Coast. As the support car driver, I am en route to meet up with the crew at a check point and only have a short moment to write. Internet and space to park/turn around our big rig has been scarce, but I happen to find a wireless hot spot at a Casino outside of Shelton, WA and wanted to give a quick update.

It is day 2 and the crew is in great spirits. Day 1 was full of action. With one rider getting two flat tires, both myself and the crew having some technical difficulties with our GPS’ and directions, we rolled into camp later then expected last night. We made it from Seattle, WA to 8 miles outside of Shelton, WA. We rode through the dusk and set up camp in the dark. When we awoke, to our surprise we had camped in a rubble filled turn-off that happened to be a popular local shooting range. The adventure has begun and I anticipate more wild stories to share.

The crew would like to shout out to everyone in Seattle and Squaw who helped put on fundraisers for the cause, to all the sponsors of the ride, to all the people joining the cause and donating, to Shane’s family and friends, to the memory of Billy Poole and a big hello to Riley Poor. You are all in our thoughts!

More to come (video, interviews, photos and stories), stay tuned.


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Thanks for the updates and the pics, Angeli! we’re following you every pedal of the way … pace yourselves and try to enjoy! deb k. (aka max’s mom)

Comment by deb kuszaj

Good work on the first couple days guys!!! You’re killing it!!! Excited to come join you in a couple weeks! 🙂

Comment by suzgraham

Ride safely everyone. Jackie keep the calls coming in daily. Need to know you are all ok.
Love Mom

Comment by Diane Paaso

Who else but a Red Bull athlete would jump on board to drive that diesel rig all the way down the coast solo!!! Way to stand up for your fellow athletes
you rule!

Comment by lainy kins

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